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Classic Corner Convenience Store in Madison, SD has a free delivery service.  When we started this service we decided to do something special with any tips we receive.  Every year employees choose an organization to designate tips to each month.  The employees who do the deliveries have the option of keeping the money or putting it in the tip jar.  This evolved into also having a donation jar at the counter for customers to drop loose change into if they so desire.

Thank you for using our pizza delivery service. Your tips and donations are amazing to the organizations that receive them.
In 2016 we collected $5,829.00. We would not be able to do this without your help.
Thank you for your continued generosity.

- All of your friends at Classic Corner

In 2017, these are the organizations your tips will be donated to:

January: Lake County Historical Society 365.00
February: Veterans of Foreign Wars 243.00
March: Lake County React
April: Julian Freitag Scholarship Fund
May: Domestic Violence Network
June: Wounded Warrior Project
July: Lost and Found Suicide Prevention
August: Special Olympics
September: Habitat for Humanity
October: St Jude Children's Hospital
November: Lake County Angel Tree
December: Almost Home Canine Rescue